Hottest Bingo Event of the Year with a $17,000 Guaranteed Payout 2

Go from Rags to Riches Friday, October 5th during out 10:45 p.m. and 12:15 a.m. sessions!


You want to WIN BIG, right? You want to make the BIG MONEY, right? Well we’re gonna help make that dream of yours become a reality!

Join us for our biggest event of the year when we turn just your average bingo visit into something grand, something a lot more substantial, something extraordinary! Join us when we turn those RAGS to RICHES on Friday, October 5th!



BingoPlex: 5701 Crowley Road, Fort Worth



Friday, October 5th
10:45 p.m. and 12:15 a.m. sessions



NO… we’re not kidding. We’ll be playing three $750 in-the-set bingo games, plus a $250 game,  in addition to early mini’s and speedball.  It’ll be an all full pay night with buy-in prices remaining at our normal Friday Night Fun at Six and One ($6 full pay computers and $1 full pay sets). Check out our game schedule HERE!

But the excitement really hits an all time high when we break out all those extraordinary events games. Our highlighted event game will be four deals of the VIP Mega Event Tickets with a guaranteed $1,500.00 top winner EACH GAME. But there’s so much more and so many other ways to win!



Of course, anther way to WIN! We’ll be drawing throughout the sessions and if your one of these lucky winners, you’ll step into a whirlwind of FLYING MONEY for a chance to grab up as much as you can get your hands on! So much fun… so much excitement!



Not required, but certainly recommended… reserve your place at this extraordinary Rags to Riches Event TODAY. Tickets are on sale now but you gotta hurry… there’s a limited amount and tickets are first come, first serve.

But it’s an extraordinary deal… tickets to this event are $100.00 each but offer a $130 value. Your VIP Rags to Riches Pre-Paid Event Ticket will guarantee you the following:

  • 2 VIP Mega Event Tickets ($40 value)
  • 2 VIP Chips worth $10 each ($20 value)
  • 1 Rags to Riches VIP T-Shirt

Plus EACH SESSION you receive your:

  • early minis ($12 value)
  • speedball blackout ($6 value)
  • bingo event ticket game ($2 value)
  • 6-on bingo sets ($2 value)
  • 2 full pay computers ($24 value)
  • Double Action game ($10 value)

NOTE: Pre-paid tickets are not required for entrance. Everyone is welcome to pay regular scheduled prices. And of course, everyone is welcome to our special pre-paid event ticket deal providing a $30 discount! 😁



Want a chance of winning a ticket to the extraordinary event? You can! We’re playing a special game every session, every day at the BingoPlex throughout September that awards one lucky player each session a ticket to our extraordinary Rags to Riches event!



BIG WINS, lots of fun and a night no one in Fort Worth wants to miss! 💰


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