Are YOU Ready to Ring in 2019 with BIG CASH? 9

Go from Rags to Riches New Year's Eve, Monday, Dec 31st

Players won over $37,000 in just two sessions during our last Rags to Riches Event in October. Hang on to your hats… we’re doing this one up bigger and better!

Join us for our biggest event of the year at the Crowley Road BingoPlex when we turn just your average bingo visit into something spectacular, something a lot more substantial, something extraordinary! Join us when we turn those RAGS to RICHES for so many bingo players on New Year’s Eve, Monday, December 31st!


New Year’s Eve, Monday, December 31st
Sessions at 7:00PM, 9:00PM and 11:00PM


NO… we’re not kidding. We’ll be playing three $750 in-the-set bingo games, plus a $250 game,  in addition to early mini’s and speedball.  It’ll be an all full pay night with buy-in prices remaining at our normal $6 full pay computers and $6 full pay sets. Check out our game schedule HERE!

But the excitement really hits an all time high when we break out all those extraordinary events games. Our highlighted event game will be six deals of the VIP Mega Event Tickets with a guaranteed $1,500.00 payout EACH GAME. But there’s so much more and so many other ways to win!

We’ll be drawing throughout the sessions and if your one of these lucky winners, you’ll step into a whirlwind of FLYING MONEY for a chance to grab up as much as you can get your hands on! So much fun… so much excitement!


Doors are OPEN to ALL and  ALL are WELCOME! You’ll love our all-full pay night with $6 full pay computers and $6 full pay sets.

NOTE: Pre-paid tickets are sold out but NOT REQUIRED for entrance. Everyone is welcome to pay regular scheduled prices which is $6 for a full pay computer and $6 for a full pay set. 


BIG WINS, lots of fun and a night no one in Fort Worth wants to miss! 💰

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9 thoughts on “Are YOU Ready to Ring in 2019 with BIG CASH?

    • Winners Circle Post author

      Hi Rose,

      There are 3 sessions the evening of December 31st (7pm, 9pm and 11pm). For each of those session, VIP Rags to Riches ticket holders receive 2 computers each session… 2 for the first session ($12 value), 2 for the 2nd session ($12 value), 2 for the 3rd session ($12 value) = BINGO! $36 value!

      Keep the questions coming… always here to assist!

        • Winners Circle Post author

          Hi Dee… sorry for the delayed response. Everyone is welcome to our Rags to Riches Events regardless if you have an advance VIP ticket. For those who do not have an advance VIP ticket, you pay our regular everyday, low prices.

          Last night was a great night. Players walked away with over $68,000 in cash… congratulations to all of them!

    • Winners Circle Post author

      Yes, it is BYOB and children 6 years and older are permitted to play bingo. The following guidelines have been put into place to ensure a pleasant bingo experience for all players.

      – Children must be 6+ years old and 39″ tall to enter the bingo hall.
      – Children are required to play bingo. A child’s adult guardian must purchase a regular set or a Bingo Kid’s Pack. The Bingo Kid’s Pack is $2.00 each and includes 1-3on half pay set, a color page, crayons and candy treat.
      Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times including visits to food serving areas, the bathroom and the cashier’s counter.
      – Children must remain seated and quiet throughout the session.

  • Kathy Toomer

    Hi. If you missed the pre paid ticket what is still available?
    I see the 6 Vip events but how can you get a chance to get in the money booth? Can you please tell me? Thanks.

    • Winners Circle Post author

      Hi Kathy! You do NOT need a pre-paid VIP ticket to enjoy our Rags to Riches Event. EVERYONE is welcome! Just come on in and enjoy our everyday low prices which includes full pay electronics at $6.00 each. Check out our entire game and schedule pricing for this exciting event by clicking HERE!

      We will hold MONEY MACHINE drawings every session and everyone who is in attendance at the Rags to Riches event will receive drawing tickets with their set/electronic purchase. Those whose hold the lucky drawing ticket get to enter our Money Machine to snap up as much cash as they can!

      We look so forward to seeing you there, Kathy! It’s going to be a really fun and exciting night with lots of BIG WINNERS!