Our Dab Event Tabs

Dab Event Tabs are easy to play and fun to win!

Each bingo event ticket game has a predetermined ticket count with both INSTANT winner tickets and a series of HOLD tickets.

$10 Instant Win Ticket Example

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INSTANT WIN TICKETS are redeemed immediately. Simply open the ticket and if the symbols inside the ticket match the winning combination on the front of the ticket, you win the amount displayed inside the ticket.

HOLD TICKETS have more than one bingo number between B1 and O75, sometimes a “FREE” ball, and are held for a chance at the larger prize(s). The “FREE” ball is dabbed immediately.

Dab Hold Ticket Examples

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Once all tickets in the game are sold, the caller begins the bingo event game by calling each ball that is pulled from the bingo machine. The first player to coverall or dab all the numbers on their event ticket wins the prize and the large designated tab game amount on the front of the ticket.

A floor worker will verify your winning ticket and pay out the prize!

Easy to play, fun to win, play one of our dab event tickets today!

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Dab 2 to 3 numbers and win $500.00!
Dab FREE space balls

1 – $500 winner
1 – $100 instant winnner
1 – $50 instant winnner
144 – other instant winners

Luckies Loot Dab Event


Dab 2-5 numbers and win $500.00!
Dab FREE space balls

Two types of hold tickets
— “Single Row” tickets  with 3-5 numbers
— “Double Row” tickets with 2-5 numbers gives players 2 chances to win. Players dab the entire top row or entire bottom row to win.

1 – $500 winner
95 instant winners

Small count box with a large payout
⭐️Players Favorite!⭐️

Pink Bingo "Pinkies" Dab Tab


Dab 3-5 numbers and win $599.00!
Dab FREE space balls

1 – $599 winner
4 – instant winnners

Small count box with a large payout!