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Playing Bingo

A. If the bingo blower malfunctions during the course of a bingo game, the game will be halted at the last called bingo ball until the blower is fixed. When the game is resumed, the last called ball should be repeated before calling the next number. TLC Rule 402.200 ( c ) (6).

If the machine cannot be fixed, the games will be halted. A refund will be issued to the customers for the cards purchased for games not played. (Refunds will be allocated by the prize amounts for games played divided by total prize amount for each pack times the cost of the pack, not by the number of games.)

If a customer’s card minder is not working properly, the usher should ask to caller to pause until a new card minder can be issued to the customer. The employee should explain to the customer that the new cardminder will not have the same card faces on it as the previous cardminder. If this does not satisfy the customer, the cashier or operator in charge may decide to refund the customer for games not played on that cardminder.


A. If the caller places a ball in the wrong slot, the caller will remove the ball from that slot, and place it in the proper number, lighting up that number. The caller will announce that the ball was in the wrong slot, and that the number slot it was in has not been called. The correct number should be repeated. A bingo will not be awarded to patron because of an improper ball placement.

If the caller announced the wrong number, he/she will announce that the wrong number was called, and announce the correct number. A customer will not be allowed to bingo on a wrong ball announcement.

All disputes will be handled by the operator on duty. All employees should refer complaints and disputes to the operator. The operator will write down a short description of the dispute and the resolution and maintain these notes in a file at the hall. The dispute will be resolved after reviewing all facts, the Bingo Enabling Act and Administrative Rules. Rule 402.200 (n)

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