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Playing Bingo

A. Come early and get settled in for an good time. This will give you a chance to purchase your bingo cards, daubers, electronic/computer bingo devices and anything else you might want to play. You have several choices when choosing what to purchase. Arriving early will also give you a chance to clarify any questions you may have about playing bingo. Our friendly team of workers always available to help.

PAPER 6-ONS:  The most typical pack of bingo sheets players purchase are 6-ons. A 6-on gives you six bingo cards per sheet, per game. You play the first set game on the top sheet, the second game on the next sheet, and so forth. In other words, for each bingo set game played, you have 6 chances of winning.

ELECTRONIC/COMPUTER DEVICES:  Electronics are the easiest way a player can play multiple bingo cards at once. With the touch of a button, 66 bingo cards can be played at once.

MINI GAMES: These games are sold separately from the regular set games and give you a chance to “warm-up” prior to the start of the regular set games.

DOUBLE ACTION: This is a popular alternative to a typical bingo sheet. Instead of 1 number per square, this specialty bingo paper has 2 numbers per square. You dab when either number is called, only needing to have 1 of the 2 numbers in the box. This typically leads to a fast-paced game that players love.

Double Action Paper

SPEEDBALL:  This is a coverall/blackout game which means you must dab all the numbers on a card to win. The reason we call it speedball is it is a much faster version. The numbers are called quickly one after the other, until one player dabs them all on their card and wins the game.

DAUBER: Ink daubers must be used on paper bingo cards for a valid bingo. For your convenience, we have ink daubers available for sale at all our locations. Ink daubers come in a variety of fun and exciting colors and cost between $1.00 and $2.00 each.

EVENT TICKETS: Event tickets are sold all throughout the session. Once all the tickets sell out, the event game can start. An event game winner is determined using the bingo flashboard. Common events are races games and dab games.

FLOOR WORKERS: Throughout each session, floor workers are on the floor selling extra bingo paper sheets, events tickets, verifying winners and more.


The caller will announce the first ball. When you see the selected ball on the TV monitors, you may mark your paper. When the caller announces the number and places it in the caller’s machine, the number is officially valid and in play. At that moment your electronic/computer device will update. If you have a bingo, yell “BINGO!” after the ball is called and wait for a floor worker to come pickup your card for verification.

When you purchase your bingo cards, you will be provided with a program of the games being played. Each game will have a different winning pattern such as the ones shown.


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