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Birthday Special
Whatever you buy,
we'll DOUBLE IT!
2 for the price of 1 plus...
100 VIP Reward Points

Two items per package max.
(all halls... photo ID required,
see cashier for further details)






























Monte Carlo BingoMonte Carlo Bingo Picture

Scroll down for our Specials!

Sessions at: 7:00 p.m. & 8:45 p.m. (7 days a week)Free Wifi for Everyone Picture

5701 Crowley Road, Fort Worth, TX 76134
(817) 568-2112

Game Schedule: Click on our game schedule below for a larger view!


BingoPlex Game ScheduleEveryday Pricing

            Set Paper
            6-on Full Pay $6.00
            6-on Half Pay for $3.00

            Early Mini's (10 games)
            1-on/10-up Full Pay $6.00
            1-on/10-up Half Pay $3.00

            Speedball Blackout (6 games)
            One (1) 1-on/6-up for $5.00

            Late Mini's (3 games)
            6-on Full Pay $3.00

            66 $100-Pay Faces $5.00
            66 Half Pay Faces $10.00

            66 Full Pay Faces $25.00


Monte Carlo Bingo Specials

every Friday & Saturrday
$15.00 Electronics (66 full pay faces)

***NEW*** $20.00 Electronics ***NEW***
(66 full pay faces first 4 games + 3 Double Action Cards 5th game
with option to buy up to 66 faces)
Double Action Cards sold the last 5th game only @ $5.00 each
Click here to see our GAME SCHEDULE

HALF PRICE Electronic Special
every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
All $10 Electronic Packs are $5.00 each
All $100-pay Electronic Packs are $3.00 each

Electronic SuperPack Special
every Thursday & Sunday
uy two (2) $10 packs for $15.00
with option to buy 3rd $100-pay pack for $2.00


Summer Savings at Monte Carlo Bingo!

Double Up on Electronics at The BingoPlex

Win Big with All Full Pays, All In-the-Set Weekends at the BingoPlex

Here's the game schedule ---->
Friday & Saturday Game Schedule

Here's what it cost...

$15.00 = 66 Full Pay Face Electronics
$20.00 = Full Pay Electronic with 3 Double Action Card on 5th Game
$6.00 = Full Pay Paper Sets
$5.00 = Double-Action Cards

Double Action? Simple to play – just daub either number called in the square.

Double Action Bingo Card

Monte Carlo Bingo Sessions are Sponsored by these fine Charities
Monte Carlo Bingo Unit Trust #52011892550:
Red Men Council #10 Kickapoo Pocahontas #17526064864, Texas Girls Choir, Inc. #17512795240, United Hispanic Council of Tarrant County #17525415455, Red Men Tribe #29 Saratoga Fort Worth #17522856545