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Sessions at: 7:00 p.m. & 8:45 p.m. (7 days a week)Free Wifi for Everyone Picture

5701 Crowley Road, Fort Worth, TX 76134
(817) 568-2112

Game Schedule: Click on our game schedule for a larger view!


BingoPlex Game ScheduleEveryday Pricing

            Set Paper
            6-on Full Pay $6.00
            6-on Half Pay $3.00

            Early Mini's (10 games)
            1-on/10-up Full Pay $6.00
            1-on/10-up Half Pay $3.00

            Caller's Choice Late Games (2 games)
            Caller's Choice Games - Two (2) 3-ons for $1.00

            Late Mini's (3 games)
            3-on Full Pay $2.00

            66 $100-Pay Faces $5.00
            66 Half Pay Faces $10.00

            33 Full Pay Faces & 33 Half Pay Faces $20.00
            66 Full Pay Faces $30.00

Monte Carlo Bingo Specials

$10.00 electronic packs are HALF PRICE... $5.00 each!
every Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday

  Two (2) $10 electronic packs $15.00
every Thursday & Sunday


We've got the best Snack Bar in Town!  Click on the menu below or here on VG's Snack Shack for a larger view!

BingoPlex Snack Bar Menu


Monte Carlo Bingo Sessions are Sponsored by these fine Charities
Monte Carlo Bingo Unit Trust #52011892550:
Red Men Council #10 Kickapoo Pocahontas #17526064864, Texas Girls Choir, Inc. #17512795240, United Hispanic Council of Tarrant County #17525415455, Red Men Tribe #29 Saratoga Fort Worth #17522856545