VIP Bingo Winners Circle Rewards

Loyalty Pays in Big WaysAs a member of the VIP Bingo Winners Circle Rewards program, you earn points every session you play bingo at the Crowley Road BingoPlex in Fort Worth and Texas Bingo in Hurst. Use your points towards the purchase of…

  • paper sets
  • electronics
  • early games/minis

In addition, VIP Bingo Reward Members enjoy other special benefits and discount offers throughout each month, on special holidays, on their birthday and more. No matter if you play daily, once a month or even just on occasion,  the VIP Bingo Winners Circle Rewards program pays off in a big way!

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A. If you’re a VIP Bingo Reward Member, earning points is easy. Simply provide your phone number to the cashier when purchasing your bingo products each session and you earn 1 point for each and every dollar you spend. In addition, we offer players a chance to earn bonus points during special promotions at the hall, through social media, special email promotions and more.

  • 150 points = $3.00 off your purchase
  • 200 points = $5.00 off your purchase
  • 400 points – $15.00 off your purchase

To take advantage of all our special bonus point offers be sure to join our family and stay updated in all the following ways:

  • text BINGO to 578-277
  • receive our special EMAIL announcements by signing up HERE
  • Follow us…

Facebook     Twitter     Instagram

Q. When you provide your phone number to the cashier and your account is retrieved, your available rewards are displayed. The rewards listed are immediately available for use. Simply advise the cashier and your rewards will be processed right on the spot with your savings immediately applied to your purchase.

You may also continue to save your points for greater rewards in the future. The choice is yours.

A. No. Your points will stay on your account and do not have an expiration date. Your points will continue to accumulate and your point-based rewards will also be there until you redeem them.

A. You bet!

  1. Take a picture of the backside of your old reward card which displays the bar code and your old account number.
  2. Email it to us along with your current Bingo Winners Circle Loyalty Rewards phone/account number (the one you give the cashier now when you play).
  3. Simply reply to this email or email it to us at

Once received we will research your account and make sure any points still remaining in your old account are transferred to the new one.

If you turned in your old VIP Winners Circle Reward Card to one of our friendly cashiers in the past, your points were automatically transferred.

Know we are always looking out for you and want to make sure you’re receiving all the benefits of our loyalty program.

A. You certainly can! Go to and enter the phone number tied to your reward account. You will be sent a 4-digit verification code via text or phone call. Submit the verification code and click on “Sign In” in the upper right corner which will display your account information including points earned and rewards available.

Or you have the option to download the app to your smart phone. To do this, click on this link, and enter the number of the smart phone you want to download the app to. Once set up the app offers you the ability to check your rewards and point level.

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Terms & Conditions:

  • To accumulate VIP Winners Circle Reward Points, it is the players responsibility to provide an accurate account/phone number at the beginning of each bingo session when purchasing their bingo products.
  • VIP Winners Circle Reward Points are only valid for the member whose name appears on the account.
  • To redeem VIP Winners Circle Reward Points, members must play at the Crowley Road BingoPlex  and/or Texas Bingo and accumulate at least 150 points in their account.
  • No cash value, credit or change will be given in exchange for VIP Winners Circle Reward Points.
  • VIP Winners Circle Reward Points cannot be sold, reproduced or redeemed for cash.
  • In the event of a system malfunction, we reserve the right to adjust accumulated points.
  • Membership in the VIP Winners Circle Rewards program may be revoked at any time.
  • The VIP Winners Circle Rewards program reserves the right to alter, limit or modify program rules, regulations, rewards and award levels, or to terminate the VIP Winners Circle Rewards program or membership at any time, at its discretion.
  • Usage of the VIP Winners Circle Reward program and/or redemption of reward points acknowledges your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.